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A women rescued a koala from fire

Australia's Sydney part of Australia is inundated by fierce fires. The forests are the worst affected. Extinct animals such as koala beer cannot escape the burning of fire. However, for some gentle people, many animals have returned to life from the flames of fire.

A hairy koala bear was caught in the flames of a burning fire. A Samaritan picked him up with affection even when he was under fire. In the video of one of the attendees, the flames are burning all around. Meanwhile, a small koala crosses the road without saving fire. There is no way to escape the fire. Yet he is wandering helplessly in search of shelter.

Not finding a way, he climbs over a burning mound. Only then did Tony Doherty try to save him. He stripped off his white shirt to save the fiery koala. Then Tony touched the koala from the mound and took it in his shirt.

In her words, she was going straight into the fire. Seeing this scene, he got out of the car and ran towards him. Somehow the koala had to be saved, this was in the head. Then I picked him up.

He saved Koala's life in a half-naked state. He tried to feed the helpless scared animal with a bottle of water.

As seen in the video, the helpless creature is screaming in terror. Flames of fire are evident in various parts of the body. The wounds have turned pink as the hair has been burned. One person presented Tony with a white shirt. He read it. He was admitted to a koala hospital after he fell ill.


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