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Aircraft pilot died of heart attack in mid-sky

The pilot died of a heart attack in the mid-air while flying a passenger plane of Russian Airlines Aeroflot. The tragic incident happened on Sunday morning while conducting an internal flight.

US media say Fox News says a pilot of an Aeroflot plane pilot died of a heart attack while conducting an internal flight. After the pilot's heart attack, other crews sought emergency landing at the nearest airport for emergency treatment. The pilot died shortly after landing.

British Daily Daily Mirror says the 89-year-old pilot was piloting a flight of Aeroflot flight SU-1546. The plane took off from Moscow to Anapa. After the flight, the pilot suddenly fell ill in the middle sky.

Later, the Airbus-320 made an emergency landing at Platov International Airport. But the pilot did not return to the country immediately.

The passenger in the plane, Yelena Voronova, said that while the flight was in the middle of the sky, an attendant announced that an aircraft crew was feeling ill. He wants to know if there are any doctors on the plane.

Another crew approached the aircraft corridor. He wants to know if there is a doctor on the plane. At the time, they were saying that there is a great need for a doctor right now. However, no one came forward. The pilot was suffering from a cardiac attack. The Daily Mirror says the pilot died when the plane landed in the cockpit.

The plane departed from Moscow's Shremetyevo Airport around 8:20 am on Sunday. The landing time in Anapa was 10:40 am. But the pilot landed at Platov International Airport at 9:57 am as the pilot fell ill in the middle sky. The doctors declared the pilot dead when he was taken to the hospital.


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