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Attack on UN peacekeeping mission

The African nation's Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) has been attacked and set on fire at the UN peacekeeping mission. Protesters attacked the country's eastern city of Beni on Monday.

They burned and looted several UN offices and cars. He also set fire to the local mayor's office.

The militants ignored the security forces' allegations of failure to stop the attacks, and they carried out the attack. Beni's smoke was seen flying from the UN office after the attack.

Qatar-based media al-Jazeera cited Beni's civil society leader Teddy Kadaliko as residents of Beni demanding the withdrawal of UN forces over allegations of inaction. Earlier, they set fire to several offices of the headquarters and looted them.

Protester Tony Mumberre told Al Jazeera, "We are protesting. Because none of us is protecting. Government and UN forces have failed to provide us security.


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