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Bus-truck collide and fire in India, 20 dead

A fire broke out in a face-to-face collision with a passenger bus in Kanauj district, Uttar Pradesh, India. 46 of the passengers aboard the bus were 20 died in the accident on Friday evening. In addition, 21 more passengers were admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

The NDTV online report states that the bus traveling from Uttar Pradesh was on its way to Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Accident broke out when a truck coming from the opposite direction lost control of the truck. The fire extinguished 3-5 units in a half hour effort.

Senior police officer of Kanpur Range in Uttar Pradesh and district magistrate Rabindra Kumar of Kanauj said no passenger was alive inside the bus or truck. In addition to setting fire to Konoj and Mainpuri, 21 people were rescued from inside the bus. Four are still missing.

According to eyewitnesses, no one could get out after the collision with the truck as the bus was full of passengers. Uttar Pradesh BJP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed the concerned authorities to provide proper treatment to the injured after hearing the news of the accident on Saturday morning.


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