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China launches Smart Bullet Train, 350 kilometers per hour

China has introduced a driverless smart bullet train as a new addition to the speeding train. The country is set to launch a new driverless train in preparation for the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022.

US media, CNN says preparations are being made for the Winter Olympics in China in 2022. In addition to Beijing, the capital of the country, several Olympic events will be held in Jhansiyao City. At that time, authorities decided to provide passenger services on the driverless bullet train between the two cities.

Although it takes three hours to reach Jhangjiako, 108 miles from Beijing, the bullet train will only need 47 minutes. On this route, the train will stop at 10 stations around the Olympic event grounds.

The newly-added driverless train in China's Bullet Train series is capable of running at speeds of up to 350 kilometers an hour. The driverless car has 5G speed internet connection, smart lighting system. Not only that, it has thousands of sensors installed to collect real-time data and monitor the activities of the train.

CNN Travel says each of the new train seats will have a touch screen and wireless charging port. The Olympics has a huge store to transport media and athletes equipment.

There will also be dining cars on this train; It can be created in the media room in an instant. It also has the option of removing seats for wheelchair para-Olympians.


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