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Coronavirus global death toll exceeds 46,000

More than 46 thousand people have been died in the Coronavirus spread worldwide. More than 9 lakh have been affected.

WorldMeter reported this on Thursday (April 2).

The United States has already exceeded China in the number of victims. The country has gone far beyond the death toll. On Wednesday, 908 people were died in the country after being attacked by corona. So far this is the highest single day record in the United States. The total death toll there stands at more than four thousand.

In Italy (12 thousand 428 people) and Spain (9 thousand 53) over the death toll.

In India, 437 new patient has been diagnosed with coronavirus on Wednesday. This is the record of the highest number of infected till date. At least six people died there that day. The total death toll in India stands at 41.


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