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Deepika Padukone pulled to the pedestrian

Bollywood star Deepika Padukone is probably the most discussed star in Bollywood at the moment. The star recently appeared in the ongoing student movement in India and was widely criticized and criticized.

He has also heard a lot of humor in showing his sympathy to the students for promoting the film. Although he did not listen to any of those things, the star of Bajirao Mastani fame.

However, Deepika Padukone is in talks again recently. Deepika Padukone was out walking on the streets of Mumbai after dinner at a restaurant on Saturday. And that is where Deepika was surrounded by pedestrians in Mumbai. Deepika did not disappoint them.

His petty fans have been drawn to the utmost joy. Spend some time with them.

The media, which was already crowded in front of the restaurant, did not ignore it. The Bollywood star is also happy to spend such time with the children. He called the topic 'Joy of Life'.

The latest film 'Chhapak' starring Deepika, made on the aggressive life of acid-burned women, has been released recently. Deepika's performance in the film has received critical acclaim. So far the box office has earned Rs 12 crore.



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