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DiCaprio donates $ 3 million to the wildfire victims

More than 1500 homes have been burned in a devastating fire on the coast of Australia. About 27 people died. Millions of animals and birds have died. Meanwhile, images of those burnt houses and animals have come to social media. The sight of the burned coastline will bring water to anyone's eyes.

Australia has been on fire since last September. Right now, the country needs donations and donations. In the meantime, many are standing beside the affected families. This time Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Leonardo D'Caprio announced he was donating millions of dollars to Australia's victims.

In addition to D'Caprio, actor Chris Hemsworth has announced a $ 1 million donation. Other donations include singer Pink, actress Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Kylio.


Australia's fires took shape last week. After that, the intensity of the fire was reduced due to some rain. Temperatures have been warned again next Friday. This has again caused panic.


Two fires can take the form of a 'great' fire. People in the country say they have been in a disaster.


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