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Give back 8 years of love, West Bengal

Long eight year love. Both had dreams of building a house. However, their wishes are interrupted by the lover's monthly income. The lover's brother and father did not agree to marry their sister and daughter because he worked for a salary of only Rs 5,000 in a local paper mill.

With the pressure of the family, the lover's contact with the lover is severed. Even the boyfriend began to avoid the boyfriend for fear of brother and father. Shivnath Roy, a resident of Uluberia, West Bengal, India, is sitting there.

He has taken a stand in front of the lover's house to recover the lost love. Saturday morning from eleven o'clock in front of the lover's house.

A 20-year-old youth named Shivnath Roy, a resident of the nearby village of Pipulan, was arrested on Saturday for demanding return of love in front of the house of lover Soma alias Sonali. He claimed that he had been in love with Soma for the past eight years. But Somma's brother and father refused to marry Sommer because he worked for a salary of Rs 5,000 in a local paper mill.

Soma is also avoiding family fears. Shivnath showed several pictures and letters in support of his claim. Showing two pictures, he said that they went to Dakshineshwar and Kalim Mandir in Uluberia and took those pictures.

He also showed four Soma love letters written to Shivnath. Shibnath took these pictures and posters in the form of posters next to Soma's house. He wrote, 'Whatever you say brother wants my love back', 'whatever you say brother wants my sonal'. Her poster for Soma, 'You did not understand the pain of life, come back to me this is my wish'.


Shivnath briefly outlined the entire incident via Facebook Live. This phenomenon goes viral in Nimes.

However, Soma's mother, Spanoli, commented that her only daughter, Soma, is now a BA second year student. Some time ago they had a discussion with the people of Shivnath's house about the marriage of the two. There Shivnath's father demanded big money for the marriage dowry, they could not marry Shivnath with his daughter.

He claimed that his daughter loved him wrong when he was a minor. Now that she has grown up, now she has learned to understand everything. So now she is no longer willing to marry the boy.

Shivnath's mother-in-law Rita Roy said that both Shivnath and Soma love the younger. Now her daughter is misinterpreting her family. They want the return of the eight-year-old love girl Shivnath's life.

Until the last news, it was reported that the girl has not given any consent for the marriage. Villagers continue to mediate in the incident.


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