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I am Father of a 5 Years Old Daughter, I am Scared, Deadly Scared

Ancestors Of Mine By Birth  We are The Citizen Of India, I am a Indian Tex payer Citizen, I am Not Government Employ Not Even My Father and Grand father also.
I Paid Tax For My Nation & Country So I have the Rights to ask the question to Government & Administration.
This is all Theoretically Logically Truth and Good to Hear But is it Present Practical ??
I am Father of a 5 Years Old Daughter, I am Scared, Deadly Scared to Leave Her to School and Out of Home with any basic Need of Her. I am 100% Sure Millions father of Daughter in India We all are in same Condition Because In India Daughter/Women are Not Safe in its a clear True.
The fundamental Rights of a Citizen That Administration Provide Me The Security To My family, My Rights, My Property and Freedom with Democracy. But in India are We Get it all ??
From 5 Month Child Daughter Going Raped, From 5 Month to 65 years Woman Going Raped & Kill in India in Every 16 Minute per One this is the ratio.
Why I paid Tax? Why I can't React to Government & Administration.
Why They are Silence, If They don't have the ability to Save The Woman & Daughter of India Then They Have to Leave from Administration Otherwise They have to Make a Safe & Peaceful Society for Citizen.
 SK H Rahman        

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