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In Australia, rain-fed food is coming to save hungry animals

Fire is nothing new to Australia. However, the fierceness that Australia has burned since last September is new to Australia. While the exact number of animals killed in this fire is not known, the number that could be up to several millions has already been hinted.

Survival this is not the end of the war for the animals of the forest. The fight for their food after being saved from the fire. Because there are many grass-fed animals whose food is burnt to the fire. In many parts of the area there is nothing to eat after the fire.

One of the animals in danger is the walleyes (small kangaroo). Before the start of the fire, the number of these animals was decreasing. The situation has worsened since the fire.

So Australia has taken a great way to save them. For such animals, food is being dropped from the sky like rain. The food is basically a variety of vegetables being spreading from the helicopter.

This will continue to provide food until the burned areas are returned to the previous section.

Meanwhile, many areas of Australia have been burned to ashes. The death toll has risen to 28. Australia is blamed for the blaze. Along with the severe drought and stormy winds. It seems that this is why the fire has been going on for so long. Lightning is one of the main causes of the fire. After a thunderstorm, the tree caught fire and it once had a terrible shape. As a result, it is said that we should look at how to reduce thunderstorms.


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