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India is building a new vehicle to touch the sea

On the one hand, India is preparing to send people to space, while on the other hand India is making special vehicles to reach the deepest sea. People will sink to the bottom of the ocean. The bottom will see the bottom of the ocean.

Indian media reported that the country's National Institutes of Ocean Technology (NIOT) is producing the vehicle. It will be built within the next five years, which will cost Tk.

The most modern yachts can be pressed up to 5 km below sea level. Up to three people can go in one go. You can also find valuable minerals in the sea. India will be one of only a few countries in the world to have this vessel built, which has the power to sail under the sea. Currently, China, Russia, the United States, France and Japan have this power.

A small vehicle will be built within three to three years to reach a depth of 5 meters before making a large-scale vehicle. This vehicle will be made of titanium.


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