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Israel is launching a "Breakthrough" laser protection

Israel has announced a "breakthrough" in its defense system. They are claiming that they are launching a laser defense system to withstand missiles and Drones fired from the sky. Israel has also called it a "technological breakthrough" in the military.

The Israeli Defense Ministry said on Wednesday (January 8) that the laser defense system would be tested within the next few months. Work is underway to bring it into operation within a year and a half.

The Israeli Defense Ministry says the new defense system is electric laser-based. It is capable of acting silently and out of the enemy's perception of them.

Brigadier General Yaniv Rotem, the head of the Defense Ministry's Armed Forces and Technical Infrastructure Administration, said: "We are entering a new era in the field of land, water and sky-based warfare. This capability continues to place Israel in the top countries in the high-energy laser defense system. By 2020, we will be able to show our capabilities.


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