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Japan deploys military after deadly typhoon

Typhoon made landfall south of Tokyo on Saturday, moving north and bringing severe flooding.Thirteen people are missing from the storm, public broadcaster NHK said.

In central Nagano prefecture, water surrounded Japan's famous bullet trains while helicopters plucked stranded residents from.

In Japan's history, the catastrophic storm is seen in 1958. In this year, the most powerful super-typhoon Haggis hit in the country after typhoon Kanagawa. More than 1200 people were killed that year in the wake of Typhoon Kanawawa.


 Super Typhoon Hagibus is trapped at speeds of 225 km per hour over the capital Tokyo and eastern. Parts of Tokyo have been devastated by the devastating storm. Japan's state media NH tells that there are about 13 missing in the typhoon of Super Typhoon Hagibes. In addition, several hundred people were injured. The storm is blowing over lowlands in the middle and east of Japan. This created severe flood situation in these areas.


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