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Killed vegetable dealers for demanding higher prices

The seller was selling vegetables in the shop. Two people come and ask for the price of vegetables. The seller said the price. But the two men started arguing with the seller because the price seemed 'high'. At one point of the conversation, they were hitting the vegetable dealer. The vegetable dealer died in a tragic accident. The incident took place on Monday in Mankhurd, Mumbai.

Mumbai police say the names of the two youths accused in the murder of vegetable dealers are Abhijit Dhumal and Sahil Karad. They are both residents of Mankhurd. An FIR has been filed against them.

Anand Bazar Patrika, says Ram Khilan Yadav, the seller of the vegetable killed in Pituni. He is 3 years old. It has a vegetable shop near Mankhurd Railway Station. Abhijit and Sahil came there on Monday to buy vegetables. But they were angry when they heard the price of beans at 5kg. Heated exchanges with Yadav at prices began with the two. Abhijeet and Sahil first hit Killaghishi. He was later killed in a bribe. Eyewitnesses alleged that the belt also died.

At this time, people gathered there. At one point of the clash the two buyers escaped. Local people reported to the police; Call the ambulance. The vegetable dealer was declared dead when he was taken to Rajawari Hospital.

A doctor at the hospital said, "There were signs of serious injury to various parts of the body, including the abdomen of the man," after the autopsy.

Police arrested Abhijit and Sahil in connection with the incident. They were taken to the local magistrate court on Tuesday. The two buyers have been ordered to remain in police custody till November 30.



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