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Legal notice against Rani Mukherjee's movie

The movie 'Mardani 2' starring Rani Mukherjee is waiting for release. But the controversy over the film has not stopped. In the picture, a city named Kota was harassed by the people. This time the legal notice was sent to the concerned.

Lok Sabha Speaker and Kota City MP Om Birla has also been accused by the quota council members against the image.

And this time on behalf of the quota council, censor board chief Prasun Joshi has sent legal notice to film producer Aditya Chopra, director Gopi Puthan and the information and broadcasting ministry.

Quota councilor lawyers demand that the name of the city be changed from the picture. The image of the city used in this photo has to be changed. If the claim is not accepted, the court will sue to prevent the release of the photo.

But the director of the film, Gopi Pathuran, said his statement was wrong, “The story of Mardani 2 is true. Here's a look at what happened in real life. Here are the types of events we have seen in the newspaper.

As the events unfold, they are cut off. That is what is said in my picture. In my pictures, I have shown this happening all over the country. '

Rani Mukherjee's action thriller 'Mardani 2' is expected to be released on December 5. But before that the film has got into many complications.



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