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Mysterious pneumonia has spread in China

A mysterious pneumonia national virus has spread in Hubei province in central China. The deadly disease associated with the mysterious virus is similar to Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS); Citizens of the country are worried about this.

According to a report by the country's state-owned television channel CCTV on Thursday, Chinese scientists have revealed the presence of new coronavirus in the body of 17 of the 57 patients infected with the virus. These patients are undergoing treatment at a hospital in Hubei province. Pathogens have been identified early for the spread of new viruses.

CCTV says the new coronavirus, identified as pneumonia, is not the same as the SARS or MARS virus. The main symptom of this new virus is fever. However, many patients suffer from shortness of breath. At least 8 of the victims were released from the hospital on Wednesday. Besides, no one has been killed yet due to the new virus.

The first new patient infected with the virus was identified on December 12. Since then, 59 have been identified; Who are infected with the new virus.

In addition, no symptoms were reported from man to person. Most of the victims, however, worked in a seafood market in the city.

US news CNN says the SARS virus pandemic in China 18 years ago. More than 8,000 people from 37 countries of the world were affected by that epidemic in 2002-2003. Only 349 in China and 299 in Hong Kong died.


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