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NASA and Nokia will build a 4G network on the moon

NASA and Nokia are going to set up 4G network on the moon. The total cost will be 370 million US dollars. Of this, Nokia will work for. 14.1 million. News CNN

NASA's innovations include remote power generation, cryogenic freezing, robotics and 4G services.

NASA says 4G is more reliable than the current radio network on the moon. Which is capable of maintaining long-distance communication. Like Earth, the 4G network on the moon is expected to be upgraded to 5G at some point.

Popular presenter and author John Oliver joked that 4G would probably do better on the moon than Earth. Because there will be no trees, buildings or TV signals to interfere with the 4G signal.

A spokesman for Bell Labs said the astronauts would be able to use their wireless network for data storage, lunar rover control, video streaming, including real-time navigation.

There are giant cell towers to control the 4G network in the world. Bell labs make small cell technology. Which uses much less energy than cell towers.


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