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NASA found the sea on Mars

NASA discovered the existence of water on Mars. On the south side of the planet, there is a sign of the sea in Eridania. NASA's MercerNasis Orbiter provided this information. The sea is believed to have been in Eridania about 3.7 billion years ago.

There have been found patterns of hydrothermal activity on the seabed. Researchers say the place was created by heating water and evaporating it. Paul Niles, of the NASA Johnson Space Center, said the place was proof of the sea there.

Hydroelectric power is found here, as is the depth of the ocean on Earth. There is also a favorable environment for living. Life does not require any extraordinary weather. Only the soil, heat and water. Every element of it was found in that region of Mars.

Researchers say the water mark found in Erdidania is no less. There are evidences of the sea, covering about 2 lakh 10 thousand kilometers. Metallic mixtures are also found here. Evidence of Avro and carbonate was also found. The way they are spread, the possibility of having water in it cannot be ruined.

Lava marks were also found in the area. After proof of the lava, it is clear that volcanoes existed here. Niles said Erdidia has provided evidence of a new astrobiological target on Mars.

The evidence found in Eridania has opened a new door, not only to Mars, but also to Earth. Mars can also give a new direction on how life came to be on earth.


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