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New scrub typhus in West Bengal after dengue

A few days ago a young man from Nabagram in Murshidabad died of the disease. In addition, another resident of the area, named Asish Mandal (40), was suffering from the same disease. He is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Berhampore with severe fever.

It is being investigated whether a type of red insect bite causes unknown fever. Residents of the city are terrified of the disease. Last year, Kolkata also had the infection.

According to state government estimates, from the beginning of the year till now, a total of 6 scrubs have been infected with typhus. Both died. Although the situation is not complicated, the Kolkata Municipality is already careful about this.

What is this scab typhus?

The disease is caused by a bacterium that bites a small organism called mite. One of the bacteria responsible for the Oriencia shushugamusi. Although it looks like a small insect, mite is not an insect. It ranges in size from 0.2 millimeters to 0.4 millimeters. The disease spreads from its larvae.

Symptoms of scrub typhus

1. Severe headache
2. High-fever (up to 104 degrees fever)
3. Rash on the back and chest (which will spread gradually)
4. Low Blood Pressure (hypotension)
5. Could not look at the bright light
6. Huge pain in muscle

The disease was diagnosed on the body of a child who was admitted to the Indian Institute of Child Health two years ago. Mites are commonly found in the west and adjoining mountainous areas of West Bengal.

However, the hope is that with proper treatment of scrub typhus, life expectancy will be less. And the disease is not infected Scrub typhus cannot be relieved by spraying or fogging drugs like dengue. Prevention of scrub typhus requires awareness and timely treatment.


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