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New Virus in Whatsapp, Beware from Affected Video!

The new virus is widespread in WhatsApp after Pegasus. Israeli companies have recently stolen information from 20 countries, including India. Now hacking is done through video file.

The new malware can be accessed through any video file on the phone. This means that when someone sends you a video file and downloads it, all the information in your phone will go to the person.

However, WhatsApp says it has brought new updates to tackle the issue. The agency is taking all precautionary measures to avoid such fears.

WhatsApp said the secret and personal information was stolen from the mobile phone unknowingly. If you receive a video file from an unknown number, you may be the victim of a new type of hacking.

A special kind of MP-Four video that helps install this malware on your phone. When you download the video file, all of your phone's secret personal information will be hacked.

It is reported that the number of WhatsApp users worldwide is around 150 Crore. All the information that is protected by WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption.


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