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Passenger Plane Crashed on the House

The Central African country crashed into a house in the Democratic Republic of the Congo shortly after the plane was flown. The BBC reported that the plane had crashed in the northern Goma city of the country. However, it was not known how many were killed.

According to the report, there were a total of 17 passengers on the plane that crashed the house. North Kivu Region Governor Enanzu Kasivita Karli said the crash had caused casualties. However, he could not say for sure what exactly those numbers were.

The governor said, “The plane went missing after flying from North Kivu's Goma International Airport. Then we find out that it was demolished at a house on the town of Empenado, near the city. '

A video of the accident, posted on Twitter via social media, shows the house has been demolished. Many people gathered around the accident site. Rescuers are working to rescue the injured.


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