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Plane Crashed at Home in Congo, Died 29

A passenger plane crashed on a house near the eastern Goma town of the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing at least 29 people so far. Local officials confirmed the information.

The plane crashed on a house in the Mapendo area. 9 person died in the same family of the house. In addition, 18 other passengers and two crew members were died in the accident.

Shortly after the flight from Goma International Airport on Sunday morning, the passenger plane crashed. It is not yet clear why that plane crashed.

The Dornier-228 aircraft sailed 350 miles north of Goma to the Beni area. But shortly after the flight, the plane crashed on a house.

16 people were injured in the accident. They were taken to the hospital. North Kivu's regional government said in a statement that 29 bodies had been recovered following the accident.



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