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Punishment is Tied to the Pole of the Headmaster as does not Come on Time

Students are usually punished for not attending school on time. But this time, the opposite happened. Guardians have punished the head teacher for not having come to school in time. However, there have been cases in this regard.

This was the case recently at Jhalda Pusti Primary School in Purulia district in West Bengal, India. The disciplinary head teacher is named Biplob Gangopadhyay. A picture of him being punished has also gone viral on social media.

According to Indian media, the head teacher of the school, Biplob Gangopadhyay, is a resident of Badanga village under Poonch police station. He accused the school students of not coming to school from April this year after joining. Also, mid-day quality meals were not provided. He could not be found in the room if various charges were taken.

The villagers locked the teachers of the school one day for such allegations. Later, the teachers were rescued but the classes were closed for about a week. Alternatively, teachers took classes at the nearby Durgamundi. However, the locals complained that the head teacher's behavior had not changed.

Headmaster Biplob Gangopadhyay returned to practice a few days earlier, even though the school was reopened with Mukhaleka. Last August, locals were outraged when a mid-day meeting turned around. Also, the headmaster came to school late and as usual.

The locals tied the head teacher Biplob with a pole of electricity when he came to the school around 11.00 am on Monday (November 18). After a few hours, the school authorities released the head teacher. Biplab Gangopadhyay filed a case with the local police station after being released.


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