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Salman Khan threatened to kill: Arrested

Two men were arrested on Thursday for allegedly threatening to kill Salman Khan. Jodhpur police said the two were involved in a trafficking cycle. They also deal with drugs.
Jackie threatened to kill Salman on Facebook on September 7. He adds 'Lawrence' before his own name. So that people are involved in the infamous 'Lawrence gang' of Jodhpur. They also stole two cars to smuggle drugs. Police seized two cars.
Police said the two men were also charged with trafficking and drug trafficking. It is learned that they were caught while smuggling drugs with stolen cars. Later, when they were interrogated, the police found out that they had threatened Salman on Facebook.
Salman Khan's photo from Jackie's Facebook account threatens to kill Cross with red ink. It is written that, even if Salman Khan is protected by Indian law, his community will not be exempted from the law. "
Salman Khan has been accused of hunting two black deer in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He has to appear in court for a long time in this case.


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