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Saudi helicopter crashes in Yemen, died 2 pilots

Yemeni Houthi rebels claim to have destroyed two Apache helicopters in Saudi Arabia. The report said that Houthi rebels destroyed Saudi helicopters with missiles. Two helicopter pilots were killed on the spot.

Houthi rebel spokesman Yahya Asiri said in a Twitter message, "An Apache helicopter from Saudi Arabia has been destroyed by a missile capable of hitting the sky from the ground." Two drivers inside were also killed as it was completely destroyed.

"A helicopter from Saudi Arabia was destroyed this morning (Friday) in the border region," a Yemeni army spokesman said. It came for the expedition against the Yemenis. Two pilots were killed as the helicopter crashed.

He added, "All kinds of catastrophe will be vandalized to keep Yemen's sky open. The al-Ahad news media reported that the helicopter had landed in the Assyrian area of ​​Saudi Arabia. "


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