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The actress fall into the shooting after suffering a heart attack

A busy actress on TV. Have to stand in front of the camera every day of the week. Likewise, she was shooting that day. But suddenly she became ill. When she was taken to the hospital, doctors said the actress suffered from a heart attack.

Gehana Vasisth is a popular actress on television. She was rushed to the Malad Protection Hospital in Mumbai due to a heart attack. Has been kept in ventilation for a while. Gehana is reported to be undergoing treatment to heal itself soon.

It is reported that Gehana was shooting for 48 hours. There was a web series shooting. She turned his head in the middle of the shooting. She was rushed to hospital in a hurry.

According to the hospital, when Gehana was taken to the hospital, the blood pressure was down. On the other hand, the 31-year-old actress also suffered from diabetes for a long time. As a result, she was admitted to the hospital after ventilation.

About two hours after being taken to ventilation, Gehana was brought back to a stable. However, her condition is still in crisis.


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