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The Teacher Lost his Job Doing Nagin Dance: Video

An Indian teacher was dismissed by 'Nagin Dance'. Two more teachers were mourned. They performed the dance in Jallor district of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 10 days Later, a video of the dance went viral through social media.

Indian media reported that a training camp was organized with the teachers and teachers of the government schools. Teachers and teachers were dancing at intervals during the training.

After seeing pictures and videos of Nagin Dance by teachers and teachers, many comment that such a dance of a woman with two men is never adorable. It's totally 'obscene.' What will students learn by seeing teachers like this! Training camp should be punished like this.

Jallow's education officer Ashok Royeshwal said one of the main sponsors of the dance was the teacher. A notice of mourning has been sent to the other two to accompany him. The two teachers were recently recruited. They still do not know anything about the rules of public schools. So a chance will be given.


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