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Twitter chief said trolling Facebook

Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO, trolled Facebook on popular social media

Facebook released its new corporate logo on Tuesday. Facebook has come up with a new logo for the purpose of re-branding and differentiating itself from its social media app. The Twitter CEO trolled with the logo.

Needless to say the text 'Twitter… ..from TWITTER' is intended for Facebook.

According to Tuesday's logo, all the fonts in the Facebook logo as a brand are in large font in English. Jack duplicated that and wrote the big letter on Twitter.

Not only that, but in the case of Instagram, WhatsApp, Jack wrote down the way Instagram from Facebook would be written.

The Twitter CEO's tweet received nearly 23,000 likes. More than 4,200 comments. However, many of the comments did not stop trolling the Twitter CEO. Many people say that the new user interface of Twitter is not good at all. Instead of trolling Facebook, Jack should focus on making his app better.



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