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Uber is excited to launch a flying taxi service!

Hollywood's fantasy thriller film 'The Fifth Element' was released in the 1997. In some scenes of the picture, the car is flying in the sky.

Several hundred feet above the ground, there are numerous cars flying in the abyss. Many were surprised to see that scene on the big screen at the time. Two decades have passed since the film's release.

What people saw in that science-based film more than two decades ago, is now about to become a reality in the hands of science. This time the car will fly off the ground!

This flying car will be the future of communication systems. That's why Uber has joined hands with Hyundai to launch 'Flying Taxi' service.

The company recently introduced a concept aircraft called the S-Awan.

It is reported that Hyundai has taken responsibility for making Uber a flying car. Uber and Hyundai will jointly work to create a special infrastructure for take-off and landing of the new Air Taxi.

The flying taxi will be able to run at a maximum speed of 290 kmph. This particular flying car will fly about 200 feet above the ground.

The entire electric taxi will be able to cover up to 100 kilometers in a row. It will take only five to seven minutes to charge the battery.


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