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Salman Khan donates 1 lakh hand sanitizers to the Mumbai Police

Salman Khan is staying at his farm house in Panvel, Mumbai due to the lockdown. There he distributed food among the needy in the surrounding villages. The actor has also sent Eid gifts to 5,000 people on Eid.

Salman Khan stood by the police to fight with the coronavirus. This time Salman Khan gave 1 lakh bottles of hand sanitizer to Mumbai Police.

This news is viral on social media. One fan wrote on Twitter, ‘Salman Khan has a big heart. That's why everyone likes him so much. God bless you. 'Another wrote,' Thank you Salman Khan for standing by the warriors in front of us. '

The Maharashtra Chief Minister's Twitter account thanked the actor and wrote, "Thank you Salman Khan for giving our Mumbai Police 1 lakh bottles of hand sanitizer."

He has been by the side of helpless people since the announcement of lockdown due to coronavirus

Salman Khan. The actor is helping the technicians and workers of the movie world with money and food for about 25,000 people. He also stood by 45 physically challenged artists.


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