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Sonakshi Sinha auctions her artwork to help daily wage workers

Deadly coronavirus has hit India hard. The number of infection and deaths is increasing. However, government has taken various steps to reduce coronavirus infection. They also have a very strong fund.

Various Bollywood stars have donated around a thousand crore rupees to that fund Shahrukh Khan has a huge part in it. Many stars have come forward to fight with Coronavirus in various ways besides giving money to government funds. Which is very admirable.

Bollywood's Dabangg Girl Sonakshi Sinha has made it to the list this time.

She extended a helping hand to the day laborers in the lockdown. And for that he auctioned her own handmade digital prints, sketches and large canvas paintings. The money raised from her Bid for Good initiative will be used to give rations to day laborers.

Sharing a video on Twitter, Sonakshi wrote, "If I can't do anything for others, then what have I done in my life. My art is my place of peace. Through it, I express my thoughts and get immense pleasure. '

This is not the end. She also appealed to her fans to stand by the side of the poor and needy.

An organization called FankindOfficial has joined her to auction the handicrafts of the heroine. They are doing all the auction work as the heroine and later the rations will be arranged with that money


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