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This time Shahrukh Khan came forward for the doctors

The stars have come forward to fight Corona. Some have personally stood by the country at this juncture in a concerted effort.

In their crowd, Shah Rukh Khan has given grants in a royal style. He has stood by some states including Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi with around Rs 300 crore.

Again he came forward with his love. This time he extended his hand for doctors and medical services.

It is known that Saharukh Khan arranged various necessary equipments including PPE for the medical staff including doctors and nurses. This arrangement is being made by Shah Rukh's voluntary organization Meer Foundation.

According to the concerned agency, The way doctors are working day and night to fight with Corona, If we provide them with the necessary things, more people will benefit.

This little little help can take people a long way in this situation. This was also informed by the Mir Foundation.


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