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Coronavirus: Shah Rukh Khan announces series of initiatives to help citizens

Criticism was raised why Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan was silent on the Corona issue. Why he is not giving any money to the PM's fund, when everyone is coming forward with different kinds of support.

Finally the announcement came. He come up with several packages to fight the Coronavirus. Next came Red Chillis Entertainment, Kolkata Knight Riders.

In a statement, the two organizations said would make a donation to the PM Care Fund.

The Red Chillies will also donate to the Maharashtra Chief Minister's Relief Fund. Besides, Kolkata Knight Riders and 'Mir Foundation' will provide 5,000 personal protective equipment to medical staff. This protection equipment will be provided in Maharashtra and West Bengal.

In addition to another organization called 'Ek Saath', the Mir Foundation will provide food to at least Five and a half thousand families in Mumbai at least once a month. In addition, 2,000 packets of food will be prepared for hospitals and other families.

In addition to the Roti Foundation, the Mir Foundation will provide food to 10,000 helpless people every day. In addition to another organization in Delhi, Mir Foundation together groceries and other food items to the family of more than two and a half thousand laborers, will provide at least a month.

The King Khan returned to the king's style. He did not say how much money would be spent. However, approach to tackling corona in different regions, he stand with helpless people, everyone realized he could and should carry a lot of things alone.

Bollywood lovers likewise think another Khan Amir will stand beside the country with great help.


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