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COVID-19: Salman Khan takes care of 25,000 Bollywood wage workers

Deadly Coronavirus spread all over the world. Many countries around the world, including Italy, China, Spain, America. Lockdown in India till April 14 against Corona.

In the meantime, many stars of the country are coming forward to assist the government in loving the state. Someone is giving cash. Someone else is a big role in some other way.

Bollywood brother Salman Khan has taken over the responsibility of 25,000 days laborer.

The protagonist was also involved in the post production of 'Radhe' film at his farm house in Panvel, from the house arrest. He also took the whole family to that safe haven. However, he even in this difficult situation, the situation of the day laborers of the film industry has been considered.

So in this lockdown alone, the responsibility of about 25,000 day laborers has taken the responsibility of Bollywood's Bhaijan.

Junior technicians will suffer the loss of a 21-day lockdown. Those who work day and night in the cinema set to help the director's thoughts on the screen. And so all those spotboys, Salman Khan has come forward thinking of the problems of set day laborers.


The superstar's 'Being Human' organization will be looked after. Until the country returns to normal situation, people have been given food, health care on those days.


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