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Modi challenged to the opposition If you dare, bring back Article 370

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has challenged opposition to abrogate the special rights of Kashmir. For the opposition, he said, "If you have the courage, announce the return of Article 370 of the Constitution in the election manifesto."
Maharashtra Assembly elections on October 21. Modi made the remarks while addressing the first rally in Jalgaon on Sunday (October 13). Indian media reports said the information.
For the opposition, he said, "Do you think anyone has any incentive to bring it back? If they show courage, will they have a political existence? "
In his lecture, Modi said, "Jammu and Kashmir is not just the territory of India, but the crown of India." He assured the people that it would not take more than four months to normalize the situation.
Modi alleged, "Opponents are doing politics with that clause." They are speaking in the same way as the neighboring country (Pakistan). The politicization of Congress and NCP over the decision to repeal the clause is unexpected and sad. The leaders of the party do not accept the statements they have made about Jammu and Kashmir.
Modi also said, "I am challenging them. If they have the courage, they will announce the return of Article 370 and Article 35 in the manifesto of the state and future elections." And if you can't do that, stop crying for the crocodile.
It is important to note that the Modi government on August 5 declared the special status given to Kashmir in the Indian Constitution by abolishing all ideas. Due to the repeal of this paragraph, Article 35 of the Constitution was abolished. From that morning onwards, virtually the countryside was immersed in the Kashmir Valley. A large number of additional troops have been deployed across Kashmir in the wake of this move. Internet-mobile services have been shut down since the day before the incident. Besides, a large number of independent political leaders have been arrested here.


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