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The Twin Child's name is Covid-Corona

Lockdown is underway across the country to prevent coronavirus. Twin siblings were born in the meantime. The parents have named them Covid and Corona. The incident happened recently in Chhattisgarh, India.

Preeti Verma, the mother of two children, said the boy's name was named Covid and his daughter Corona. Remembering the problems they faced in the lockdown and the way they overcome them, they have named their children as symbols of victory at the end of the struggle.

Preeti said her pain began on the night of March 26. After several attempts, her husband called an ambulance. But police were stopping cars repeatedly during the lockdown. They finally arrived at the hospital at midnight. But because the bus-train was closed, no other family members could come in during childbirth.

Hospital authorities said Preeti had undergone C-section surgery. Now mother and baby are healthy. They also given their exemption from the hospital.


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