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Is Green Apple Good or Red Apple Good?

Who has never heard of eating an apple every day to stay away from the doctor! And from this, it is understood that the benefits of apples. Its high fiber, easy digestion, abundant antioxidants and food quality make apples king of fruit. You can keep apples for breakfast or light meals in the afternoon. But the thing is, eat any apple, green or red?

The first green apple cultivation began in Australia. Granny Smith apple is also known as Maria Ann Smith, a woman who first cultivated the green apple. The first green apple was produced in 1868 by hybrids of French crab apple and Rome beauty.

The nutritional value is almost the same between green and red apples. However, in some cases the green apple has more food. Green apple has a low amount of sugar and carb. On the other hand, high levels of fiber, protein, potassium, iron and vitamin K.

However, this difference is slight. But with the red apple, the difference between green apple and vitamin A. Green apple has more than twice the amount of vitamin A than red. However, red apples contain more antioxidants than green ones.

Because of the high vitamin A, green apple is more useful in improving eyesight, enhancing bone strength, increasing immunity. But red apple is more available than green because it is consumed more. And playing red apple won't get any less.


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