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Attack on Iran's oil tanker in Saudi

An Iranian oil tanker exploded in a Saudi port city of Jeddah. The Iranian state media reported Friday. Experts speculate that this is a terrorist attack.

It was severely damaged in the explosion in the oil tanker of the National Iranian Oil Company. The tanker is leaking and oil is spilling into the Red Sea. The accident happened about 5 miles from Jeddah. An anonymous source told Iran's Student News Agency Isana.

The source told Isena that experts believed the oil tanker had carried out a terrorist attack. On the other hand, a new news agency close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard says that all members of the oil tanker crew are safe in the attack.

Saudi and the United States have been blaming Iran for the first time since Yemen's Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attacks on two Saudi oil tankers on September 5. Tehran, however, has been denied full responsibility for the attack. Since the attack, Saudi-Iranian tensions have started renewed. Saudi oil production has declined due to attacks on two oil fields. As a result, oil prices have risen in the world market.


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